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drink deep

Book 90/100 - Drink Deep by Chloe Neill

Hmmm. So when i began this series earlier this year, I really really liked it. I was happy to overlook the lame plot and basic writing and focus on how fun and hot it was. Merit was far from the best heroine but Ethan was super hot and the romance and UST was great.
Book Four was disappointing at the end, but I decided to reserve my judgement until this one.

And here's my opinion - it sucked. Hello Merit, where was your grief? Was she always this cold and annoying and sanctimonious. The mystery was completely obvious and that made the rest of the plot redundant filler. It was a given, imo, that Ethan would be back and I was waiting the whole time for that to happen.

But when it did, it was so lame. No fireworks or emotions. No sex scene. Let's face it, no-one's reading these books for the hard-hitting plots and innovative writing. The series is built on romance and sexual tension and by eliminating that from this book. Neill just alienated a whole lot of readers.

That Jonah guys sucks. dnw a love triangle. Ethan (who is so much like Eric Northman sometimes it's not even funny) deserves better than this mess. I'm bummed that a series I had such high hopes for got so bad so quickly. how is this going to keep going for five more books? 4/10.


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